Tape on Floor 4

Tape on Floor 4

Tape on Floor 4 was a commissioned project by the Flux/S festival in Eindhoven (NL). We approached the project as a scaled episode of a tuesdays evening kitchen table workshop. The 1200 m² on the 4th floor of the SBP-building acted as our paper. The Court-Line™ Tape Machine served as our pen.

We were fascinated by the abstract beauty of lines on the gym floor. Usually these lines define the boundaries of the playing field. We designed a game that creates its boundaries through playing.

The visitors were invited to play with us but they had an absolute minimum amount of freedom. Only a few of them were able to change the direction of the game and only a handful were responsible for the crucial decisions that could have ended it. Most of the visitors were only able to feed the snake.

Your Instructions

Make a snake.

1. Take a sticker.
2. Place your sticker at the end of the snake on the blue circle line.
3. On a junction, choose the path that has the best prospectus.

Pssst! The snake may not eat its own tail.

Our Instructions

Provide a path for the snake.

1. Draw the biggest possible circle
2. Use green tape to mark the center of the circles.
3. Each new circle should touch the former circle but may not include the center point of another circle.

Participating visitors