On the 18th of December, 2008,
we made music with 4 laptops


We each used an identical custom made small app to record and play sounds through the microphone and speakers of the laptop.

We set up the laptops sideways on Luna's kitchen table so that the laptops could hear each other well.

We used two buttons to record and play back sounds. When recording, the screen would light up in red. When playing back, the screen would light up in green.

We used different rules to play together. We tried the following rules and others:

Rules 1:
(used in video)

  • After the person on your right has played a sound, playback your own sound once.
  • Record sound whenever you want.

Rules 2:

  • For all: Only playback when someone is recording
  • For three players: Only record when person on your left is playing back
  • For one player: Only record when no-one is playing back.

Rules 3:

  • No rules. Playback and record whenever you want.